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EC: An Officer and a . . . ? It is disgusting to me to read about the atrocities committed by men in the military when it comes to sexual harassment. Reading the article An Officer and a . . . ?, is it almost surreal to think of the valiant men in the military as monster that will rape their fellow comrades. The treatment that Naomi Jackson had to endure was terrible, not only from Scott Ward, but also from the court. Her punishment for lying was very extreme and gratuitous, considering the mental anguish that she went through in the hearing earlier in the day. It almost seemed as though the Navy was more concerned about persecuting her for lying than they were Ward for sexual assault. I have heard many stories and seen many nightline specials about the abuse that women have to endure in the military, but this piece is the most ridiculous because of the way Jackson was treated. Not only did she have to go through the pain and shame of getting assaulted by a fellow officer, but she was victimized for a minor lie. The fact that her military career was
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