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EC: Cultural Etiquette: A Guide It was nice to read an article that tried to make light of the serious situation of racism. The piece Cultural Etiquette: A Guide was able to use humor to try and banish the racial stereotypes, and made it a very interesting read. A lot of what was said in this piece was similar to the questions that we posed in class, like addressing the temperament and drug stereotypes of Latino people. Although it was written in 1990, this piece was able to address the generalizations we make in a very modern way. I was most impressed by the impartial view of the author in situations like being from another planet and wanting to take a picture of the average human. I have never really thought about it before, but a white person would be a misrepresentation of the average human being, and as arrogant as we are you would think we would at least hold the global majority. This piece also made me realize that I have made some remarks in the past that could have been taken as racist. I have caught myself using terms
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