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Gender In the piece Cages , I learned several things that I had never realized about gender issues. I haven’t ever considered how women face a somewhat double-edged sword when it comes to what makes up their character. There is such a catch 22 when it comes to a woman’s behavior and personality. Although it is similar for a man in many ways, it seems as though women have much more to deal with in that sense. The analogy of the wires of the cage was a fantastic representation of the factors of oppression. The connection made between the two was an surprising and atypical way of seeing things, however it really symbolizes the way you must step back to be able to analyze the full effects of oppression. Before reading the article Role , I would definitely expect gender to play a role in the business school curriculum. As unfortunate as it is there are many disparities between the way men and women are treated in the business world, so they must be recognized in the school. Once I read the article, my thoughts were confirmed, for
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