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San Diego State University Imperial Valley Campus MKT 769 Lars Perner, Instructor Seminar in International Marketing Spring, 2006 SAMPLE MIDTERM Please see the syllabus for the format of the exam and expectations. On the actual exam, you will be given approximately one half page of space to complete the short answer questions and two pages for the issue spotter essay. Part I—Short Answer . Please answer any six of the following short answer questions: 1. Please discuss how Eastern and Western thinkers tend to differ in the way they see objects. Western thinkers tend to identify and focus on specific objects (e.g., the wheels on an office chair or the beads in a bracelet) while Eastern thinkers are more likely to focus on the overall “gestalt” picture and the relationship between parts. 2. What are some cautions in interpreting country income figures? Country income figures tend to reflect averages that may not be meaningful in economies where income is unevenly distributed. For example, if 5% of people in a country have an income of $100,000 and 95% earn $2,500 the mean is $7,375. Yet, few (or, in this case, none) of the individuals actually have this mean level. The median of $2,500 is much lower. There may be large differences in income by region. For example, income in Shanghai is much higher than it is in rural China. Also, if income figures are denominated in dollars, income levels will fluctuate with the dollar although there is less of a change in the local economy. Data for some countries, where much of the economy is underground, may also be inaccurate. 3. According to the text, what is transparency in trade, and what are the implications of this issue? Transparency involves the extent to which trade decisions are made “in the open” with clear rules being published. In some countries, clear rules are not published, and arbitrary and inconsistent decisions may be made by government officials. 4. The Giant Lonestar Band is interested in marketing its new country music CD entitled A Texas Size Ego in China and Japan. Please discuss what they might expect to experience during negotiations with distributors there. The band will probably encounter a greater emphasis on socializing and non- task activities before real negotiations begin. The setting may be somewhat more formal, and there will be a need to watch for non-verbal communication. Some delay should be expected if a translator is used. Words, even when translated, may have different meanings.
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4 - San Diego State University Imperial Valley Campus MKT...

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