42 - The University of the State of New York REGENTS HIGH...

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The University of the State of New York REGENTS HIGH SCHOOL EXAMINATION LIVING ENVIRONMENT Wednesday, January 23, 2002 — 1:15 to 4:15 p.m., only Student Name _____________________________________________________________ School Name ______________________________________________________________ Print your name and the name of your school on the lines above. Then turn to the last page of this booklet, which is the answer sheet for Part A. Fold the last page along the perforations and, slowly and carefully, tear off the answer sheet. Then fill in the heading of your answer sheet. This examination has three parts with a total of 71 questions. You must answer all questions in this examination. Write your answers to the Part A multiple-choice questions on the separate answer sheet. Write your answers for the questions in Parts B and C directly in this examination booklet. All answers should be written in pen, except for graphs and drawings which should be done in pencil. You may use scrap paper to work out the answers to the questions, but be sure to record all your answers on the answer sheet and in this examination booklet. When you have completed the examination, you must sign the statement printed on the Part A answer sheet, indicating that you had no unlawful knowl- edge of the questions or answers prior to the examination and that you have nei- ther given nor received assistance in answering any of the questions during the examination. Your answer sheet cannot be accepted if you fail to sign this decla- ration. DO NOT OPEN THIS EXAMINATION BOOKLET UNTIL THE SIGNAL IS GIVEN.
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1 Which statement accurately compares cells in the human circulatory system to cells in the human nervous system? (1) Cells in the circulatory system carry out the same life function for the organism as cells in the nervous system. (2) Cells in the circulatory system are identical in structure to cells in the nervous system. (3) Cells in the nervous system are different in structure from cells in the circulatory sys- tem, and they carry out different specialized functions. (4) Cells in the nervous system act indepen- dently, but cells in the circulatory system function together. 2 An iodine test of a tomato plant leaf revealed that starch was present at 5:00 p.m. on a sunny after- noon in July. When a similar leaf from the same tomato plant was tested with iodine at 6:00 a.m. the next morning, the test indicated that less starch was present. This reduction in starch content most likely occurred because starch was (1) changed directly into proteins (2) transported out of the leaves through the guard cells (3) transported downward toward the roots through tubes (4) changed into simple sugars 3 Luciferin is a molecule that, when broken down in fireflies, produces heat and light. The rate at which luciferin is broken down in cells is con- trolled by (1) a carbohydrate (3) an enzyme (2) a simple sugar (4) a complex fat 4 Communication between cells is affected if there is decreased ability to produce (1) digestive enzymes and gametes (2) antibodies and chloroplasts (3) hormones and nerve impulses (4) antibiotics and guard cells 5Tomato plants in a garden are not growing well.
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42 - The University of the State of New York REGENTS HIGH...

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