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Chris Stanton Amundson Outline I. Medical Model vs. Social Model of Disability A. The Medical Model of Disability is centered on the fact that it believes that “disability” is a problem concerning the medical conditions of the individual and that condition is what puts them at a disadvantage relative to the “normal” population. B. The Social Model of Disability says that “disability” is a social problem that involves the social obstacles that are faced by those individuals. These people who happen to be disable experience discriminatory behavior in that they can not obtain the goods offered by society that are so readily available to those who can be considered “normal”. C. Amundson does not argue that the Social Model is correct, but rather he shows that these disability situations reveal the problems with the Social Model and assumes that the Medical Model is correct. This inherent fact has produced a bias against the goals of the disability rights movement. II. Disability lowers the Quality of Life A. The Standard View claims that people who have a disability experience a strong negative influence on their quality of life. This view is very popular among those who do not experience any sort of disability. However, normally those who do have a disability report a quality of life that is only slightly lower than what is reported by non-disabled people, something Amundson calls the Anomaly. B. Disabled and non-disabled people differ vastly on their views of the quality of life that disabled people possess. Disability is thought to have a greater impact on lowering the quality of life than other characteristics, such as poverty or loss of love. The Standard View, in this case, is only a representation of the stigma
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SPA 3 - Chris Stanton I. Amundson Outline Medical Model vs....

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