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Chris Stanton SPA 4, Section 205 My first reactions after reading Olanksy et. al. (1954) were feelings of shock and disgust. I have read and studied the Tuskegee Experiment before, but it was always through a secondary source that immediately put a negative emphasis on what occurred. The bland and emotionless language of the article made me feel that, first, the people involved in the study were not concerned with the patients health at all and, second, that they tried to hide the fact that the experimenters and doctors could have easily help those in need, rather than just study them. At one point (p. 693), the authors claim that “The John A. Andrew Memorial Hospital…offers excellent medical care for the Negro population of the county, but the poorer rural Negro cannot readily afford such care.” The authors claimed that most of the African Americans at this time lived under poorer conditions because of the depressed state of the country as well as the poor working conditions, so it seems very unlikely that the care offered by the hospital could be
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