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Unformatted text preview: Chris Stanton SPA #9, TA: Anto Mohsin, Section 205 Petryna (2005) discusses two situations in which a humanitarian crisis becomes a platform on which human experimentation takes place. In both cases, the actual testing took place on foreign soil, but both involved drugs that had not been approved by the FDA in the U.S. Unfortunately, this creates a perfect situation for exploitation to occur. I agree with Petryna that the formal procedures of compliance and the rules governing the transnational research system involve a paper trail that serves to protect the experimenters, not the human subjects. The Trovan and Chernobyl cases are perfect examples because they took place in countries where the U.S. could have involvement without being strictly governed by the FDA. Although they made have stuck to certain guidelines and documented their every move, it was to mainly show that they were doing everything they could in the hopes of helping the subjects through experimentation. All of the documents created and red tape formed helping the subjects through experimentation....
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