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Experiment 5 Procedure

Experiment 5 Procedure - the plates Incubate YPD 3 for 24...

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Chris Stanton April 9, 2009 Thurs Lab Rm 41 Experiment 5 Procedure 1) Take one sterile velveteen, one plate of YPD media, one plate of MATa streaks, and one plate of MATα streaks. Mark the bottom of the YPD plate according to the diagram shown in the lab manual. 2) Print YPD 1 and YPD 2 on the same velveteen and then print the cross hatched pattern on YPD 3. Be sure to align the marks on the printer with your marks on
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Unformatted text preview: the plates. Incubate YPD 3 for 24 hours. 3) Come in and replica plate from YPD 3 to a plate of medium lacking histidine, then min + histidine, and then to a YPD plate. Incubate these plates. 4) Observe and record growth on these plates after 1 day, 2 days, and 4 days. Day 1: Step 1 and 2 Day 2: Step 3 Day 3 – 6: Step 4...
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