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Experiment 6 Procedure

Experiment 6 Procedure - 3 Streak the cells onto ½ of a...

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Chris Stanton April 6, 2009 Thurs Lab Rm 41 Experiment 6 Procedure 1) You will receive a plate upon which UV irradiated cells were allowed to form colonies.Examine the plates under the microscope and note red sectors of otherwise white colonies. There might be full red colonies. 2) Using sterile toothpicks, pick cells from two red sectors or red colonies. You will probably not be able to avoid picking up adjoining white sector cells.
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Unformatted text preview: 3) Streak the cells onto ½ of a fresh YPD plate. You only want isolated clones growing on the plate. Some clones will be Ade-(the ones you want) and others will be Ade + (grown from picked up white sector cells). 4) Incubate the plates for two days. 5) Replica plate the streaked plates to CSM-Arg, CSM-Ade, CSM-His, and CSM-Trp. Incubate these plates overnight. 6) Score the phenotypes of Ade-colonies....
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