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Assignment 3

Assignment 3 - Chris Stanton Section 204 Morris Xu...

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Chris Stanton March 12, 2009 Section 204 – Morris Xu Assignment 3 For this assignment, I chose to analyze pictures of presidential candidates during their campaigns to detect any underlying messages depicted by the pictures. I viewed many photos and chose to include a picture of Al Gore, George Bush, John McCain, and Barack Obama during their respective campaigns against one another. The overall impression I felt from all of the photos I viewed is that the presidential candidates wanted to be surrounded by backgrounds that portrayed the power, tradition, patriotism, and the almost majestic persona of being President of the United States. In addition to the main theme of most of these photos (American flags in background, surrounded by attentive people, “king”-like stance), there also was an underlying theme to each photo that attempted to portray the theme of the respective candidate’s campaign. For the pictures I chose, these include the extremely articulate and knowledgeable Al Gore and the laid back “friendly” atmosphere of George Bush during the 2000 Presidential Race as well as the patriotic and experienced John McCain versus the youthful Barack Obama bringing about “Change” in America. Each presidential candidate that I have been able to see over the years has had his own message to portray during the campaign; however, they all still were running for the highest office in America, so despite differences in their policies, each candidate still portrayed the same nationalism and honor towards the office of the President. The most obvious piece of evidence that connects the candidates to being President is the inclusion of an American flag wherever they go. Although the picture of President Obama does not have one, almost every other photo of him or any other candidate has had some form of
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the flag in the background. The American flag is the one prop that can be used to illustrate the many aspects of American culture. The flag can represent anything from the patriotism and loyalty felt during the Revolutionary War or to the honor and triumph felt when the photo of four American soldiers raising the flag in Iwo Jima is seen. The leader of the United States must also portray these qualities, which is why photos of candidates seldom lack an American flag. Another aspect of these photos I frequently observed is the clothing that the
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Assignment 3 - Chris Stanton Section 204 Morris Xu...

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