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Chris Stanton Assignment 1: Observing Militarization In order to use the concept of militarization to observe my situation, I had to first create a definition of militarization in my own words. I believe militarization is the progression by which certain aspects of daily life become more influenced by the military. I don’t think that everything that falls under the category of ‘militarization’ has to do directly with the military, but some aspect or area associated with that particular object or situation has somewhat of a militaristic tone. In observing the customers and products within Target, I was able to effectively link the advertising, products, and attitudes of the customers to the concept of militarization. My observational trip took place in the Electronics section of Target. I mainly focused on the video game portion of Electronics because I thought they would be most susceptible to militarization, given the constant demand for games by consumers. I believe that the entertainment industry can be one of the most influential aspects of American culture and almost every type of person has played some sort of video game in their lifetime. There were four video game companies that I focused on: XBOX, Play Station 2, Gameboy Advanced, and Nintendo Gamecube. These four companies had the widest selection of games as well as many consoles on which a customer can actually test out a game before purchasing it. At first, I paid particular attention to the location of the Electronics section. This section in Target is located in the front part of the store in the same section as the check-out lines. The sections surrounding the Electronics section include bathing products, furniture, and sporting goods/toys. Also included in the Electronics section are DVDs, television sets (conveniently programmed to show
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assign1Observing - Chris Stanton Assignment 1 Observing...

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