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Chris Stanton 10/2/06 Assignment 5: How did you get here? Everything Will Be Fine The phrase, “everything always happens for a reason”, usually can be applied to any situation. In my life, especially, I have found that this simple maxim has had a tremendous impact and can help to explain why certain situations occurred in the manner that they did. I understand that the reason I ended up being in this class, D SOC 112: Militarization of Daily Life, is actually the result of many events that have occurred over my life. My pathway to Cornell, the choices I made, and the people that have influenced me over the years all play a role in the creation of my own personal history. I have come to realize that no matter what has been thrown in front of my path or what obstacles I have had to overcome, I have always found a way to succeed in any situation. This is the result of the foundation within me that has been forged through the relationship with my family, my experiences in sports and school, and the setbacks and struggles that I have had to endure throughout my life. Although I have certainly created several relationships over the years, the most important and influential have been with my family. My family is extremely close and learning from them has allowed me to mature. My father, mother, two brothers, and grandparents have each contributed their own wisdom to my life and because of them, I have been able to grow and develop despite what barriers life has placed on me. My father is by far the hardest worker I have ever seen and seeing him struggle through his own life and continue to succeed has allowed me to understand the value of hard work. He instilled in me at a very early age the values that have helped to guide me through my life. The work ethic, righteousness, and honesty he taught me are still prevalent in my personality today.
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Assign5Bio - Chris Stanton Assignment 5 How did you get...

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