OutlineSources - Outline Sources*I have not included the films Pearl Harbor and Crimson Tide in my list of sources I will definitely discuss them

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Outline: Sources **I have not included the films Pearl Harbor and Crimson Tide in my list of sources. I will definitely discuss them in great detail as supporting arguments in paper, but what not sure if they should be listed as sources. Movie Censorship by the Pentagon: This article examines how by approving certain films, the Pentagon is actually censoring certain ideas it does not wish to have the military associated with. Williams, Kam . Recorder . Indianapolis, Ind.: Dec 31, 2004 .Vol.109, Iss. 53; pg. C3 Operation Hollywood: How the Pentagon Shapes and Censors the Movies: This article also deals with censorship by the Pentagon by investigating the ideas associated with approving Hollywood productions. Williams, Kam. The Tennessee Tribune. Nashville, Tenn.: Jul 15-Jul 21, 2004.Vol.14, Iss. 29; pg. 7C War Toys, War Movies, and the Militarization of the United States: This article has a broader theme and deals with militarization in general and how it relates to war advertising. It focuses mainly on the motion picture and merchandise fields of
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