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particle in box lab - Chris Stanton Chemistry 216 March 2...

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Chris Stanton March 2, 2007 Chemistry 216 Superconductor I. Introduction A superconductor is a type of material that, when cooled below a certain temperature, loses all electrical resistance and becomes diamagnetic, repelling a magnetic field. This lab consists of preparing a high-temperature superconductor that will become superconducting at approximately 93 K. When the transition temperature of the superconductor is reached, electrical resistance drops to zero and if an electrical current is initiated in the superconductor, it will continue forever. The diamagnetism of a superconductor is a unique property because if a magnet is placed next to a superconductor, the magnetic will induce an electrical current in the superconducting surface. The induced electrical current will continue to flow due to no resistance, thus creating its own magnetic field, which repels the magnetic field of the magnet. This force, if it is strong enough, can cause the magnet to levitate above the surface of the superconductor. II. Experimental Procedure A. Before coming into the laboratory, calculate the masses (stoichiometrically) of BaO 2 and CuO that will react with 0.60 g of Y(OH) 3 to produce YBa 2 Cu 3 O 4 . B. Weigh 0.60 g of Y(OH) 3 onto a piece of glassine weighing paper and then transfer it to a small, dry beaker. Weigh out your calculated amounts of BaO 2 and CuO and transfer each into the same beaker. C. Take the beaker to the hood and transfer the materials into a mortar. Proceed to grind the mixture with a pestle for about 10 minutes until it forms a continuous gray material without black or white spots. There should be no large particles left after mixing. D.
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particle in box lab - Chris Stanton Chemistry 216 March 2...

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