Week 1 Participation - aspects of the fish’s physiology or habitat can be labeled as the vehicles during the natural selection process The nests

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Chris Stanton BIONB 221 Section August 30, 2007 Week 1 Participation I believe that the extract by Konrad Lorenz and the article by Richard Dawkins are closely related in that Dawkin’s article is a way of explaining the behaviors observed in the fighting-fish, stickleback, and cichlid described in Lorenz’s extract. Since we have just began to study the differences between reproductive success and genetic success, both of these readings give examples as well as details to help us understand the overall theory. This theory involves replicators , or anything of which accurate copies can be made, and vehicles , which are anything that is built by replicators to help them survive and reproduce. Each type of fish in the extract by Lorenz has a specific mating ritual as well as vibrant colors that can be used to attract a mate. The stickleback and cichlid fish even use the development of nests as a tool for reproduction. I believe that all of these
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Unformatted text preview: aspects of the fish’s physiology or habitat can be labeled as the vehicles during the natural selection process. The nests, vibrant colors, and elaborate mating rituals are all “built” in some way by the DNA of the fish, which represents the replicator that is attempting to copy itself and ensure its survival. Overall, I think that the behavior and physiology of the fishes in Lorenz’s extract are actually used as vehicles by the DNA (which acts as the replicator in this case) to enhance the survival and reproduction of the genes within the fish. I find it hard to understand this theory of genes as replicators and the organisms as vehicles , but I think that reading these two articles have allowed me to better connect a real life example to what I am studying....
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