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week 3 participation

week 3 participation - same theory but reading these two...

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247 Chris Stanton September 13, 2007 BIONB 221 Section Th 10:10 Week 3 Participation The Plomin article made me think of the study of genes’ influence on behavior in a different way. I found it very interesting that they believe that individuals create their own experiences for genetic reasons. I feel that this further blurs the line between ‘nature’ and ‘nurture’, which causes me to wonder if the environment individuals are brought up in is actually an outside factor, or just a result of the expression of that individual’s genes. One aspect of Plomin’s article I found particularly interesting was the section on quantitative gene loci. I think that this section of Plomin’s article is very significant in explaining animal behavior. I have always thought of ‘nature’ and ‘nurture’ as two separate parts of the
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Unformatted text preview: same theory, but reading these two sections of Plomin’s article led me to believe that all aspects of organisms are linked and can be explained through studying the influence of genes. I had never really thought of domestication in this way before, but Trut’s article made me realize that domestication is relation to gene/behavior research. I found it very interesting that Belyaev used selective forces to select for a certain behavior and actually changed the genome of the individual. This change would also explain the variation observed in other aspects of the animal and is connected to the similarities seen between all of the different species of domesticated animals. I believe Belyaev’s research is very similar to that of the behavior research discussed in Plomin’s article....
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