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270 Chris Stanton BIONB 221 Section Th 10:10 November 8, 2007 Written Participation 11 In Fehr and Gachter’s article, Altruistic punishment in humans (2002), they claim that free riding in human populations causes very strong negative emotions by those who are cooperators, which leads to the punishment of defectors. I agree with this conclusion because in many instances in humans, the success of cooperation that occurs among unrelated individuals depends on the average investment of the group and the policing of those who refuse to invest the minimum amount. The author’s study suggests that as the amount of investment of a certain individual becomes increasing negatively further away from the average investment of the group, the punishment placed on the individual by the other members of the group increases. Also, the authors use emotions to explain that both the cooperators feel a negative emotion towards
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Unformatted text preview: defectors and the defectors feel that the other cooperators in the group will have negative emotions towards them. I feel that all of these claims are very prevalent in humans, especially in a competitive society such as America. Whether it is as simple as a group project for a class or a group of people who invest money in certain parts of the economy, cooperation among individuals is the key to the success of the group as a whole. Punishment can be used to instill cooperation in members of a group and I believe that the incentives to cooperate in a group are increased when the punishments felt by defectors also increase. It is human nature to attempt to ensure one’s own success, but when one’s own success depends on the success of the group, it is obvious that members of a group would try to cooperate to ensure success as well as police others who attempt to defect....
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