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1) "home cookin" ??? how is a foul difference of 1, THATS ONE FOUL, home cooking?? UW had 21 fouls called against and MSU had 22 fouls and that doesn’t even take into the fact that MSU fouled intentionally when time was running out and also shoots many more jump shots (which typically dont draw fouls) then UW 2) sacrilegious statements about venardo from our media. .. I guess if you count some random guys blog as Seattle’s media then whatever. .. I’ve lived in the south (Texas) for a lot of my life and I understand that people in the south are typically more "sensitive" about those kind of things but let’s not pretend that any of you would give a s*** if it were relating Muslim profits or Jewish traditions to Venardo. .. and the fact that your trying to equate religious beliefs, when there are many religious opinions and there is nothing wrong in believing in something
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Unformatted text preview: different, to intentionally hurting another human being simply because you are upset that you are losing is kind of sad… 3) Do you really think that the only reason we won was because we were “at home”??? What happened to all those lovely duck fans all of you seem to love so much? I already showed above it wasn’t because of the foul difference… so are you trying to say that you would have won if we were playing a in a neutral court… do you really think that you are still that better team??? Honestly I hope you are not the representation of the MSU fan base cuz if you are that’s awfully sad… your last line says it all “now you can go back to being gay” lol good point… nuff said… you sure proved me wrong…...
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