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recruiting info from feb12th 2009 heaps, potatoe and others

recruiting info from feb12th 2009 heaps, potatoe and others...

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UW coaches had sit down conversations with a few guys over the weekend Gig Harbor TE Austin Seferian-Jenkins 2011 recruit Skyline WR Kasen Williams 2011 recruit Skyline QB Jake Heaps 2010 recruit O’Dea FB Zach Fogerson 2010 commit (as of a long time ago) Lakes OL/DL Sione Potoae , 2010 commit (commit as of yesterday or today) Apparently Sark talked to the recruits about the new stadium and other such things. Like the blah about the future (I guess he prob left out the part about the lucky to win 3 games but who fucking cares) Heaps : I’m pretty sure we all know who Heaps is, he is a 6’2” QB who will be the number one QB in the nation next year… he’s pretty much a beast, a surprising tidbit, I accidently talked to his mom once and chat and I’ve talked to her a few times… one of more annoying but bigger concerns is that Heaps will just be Jake number 2… TIFWIW Fogerson : had offers from Tenn and Nebraska with pretty much interest and offers coming from
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