roof bashing heaps mom

roof bashing heaps mom - Author Comment Ruth R 5/31/09 1:46...

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Author Comment Ruth R 5/31/09 1:46 PM Posts: 8444 Hohmdawg hit the nail on the head. .. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- As many pithy reasons as Kelly Heaps had for not wanting Jake to talk to us anymore, the conspiratorial part of me believes it is because of two things: 1. Jake told Cook last summer he planned to go to UW no matter what. 2. He PROMISED Cook that he could be the one to break his commit when the time came. All that got thrown out the door when Kelly found out Jake used the word "innovative" in an article (OH MY GOD THE HORROR OF IT!!) Anyway, that's what Cook believes and so do I. Heaps and Cook were talking ALL the time, like buddies. Heaps would tell Cook is deepest and darkest secrets about his recruitment until Kelly pulled the plug. That's why Cook still feels Heaps is going to UW. I personally don't have an opinion either way, but given the thin-skin of this particular parent nothing would surprise me. The quesiton is at what point does she put the reigns back into her son's hands? I know, I sound insensitive and personally I have no stake in this either way. I actually trust the coaches 100% on this one and if they get it done, great, if not -- it wasn't meant to be in the first place and there's other QB's that are fricken good. Ruth R 5/31/09 4:54 PM Posts: 8444 Jake is deserving of respect, not worship. .or butt kissing -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- He's a recruit and he's a fricken unbelievable athlete and for that, he has my respect and admiration -- his
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mom is just a person that I personally think very little of for reasons that should be obvious. I'm not calling her out, I'm telling the truth -- sorry if it offends this hero-worship you have going for any recruit that is good -- I have been doing this long enough to know that they're just kids, we have a back and forth mutual toleration of eachother -- but there comes a time when someone crosses the line of that relationship and that happened here and it was definitely NOT my doing! I'm not going to treat this kid like he's the Golden Child and I'm not going to treat his mom like she's the Holy Mother, good lord. He's a recruit, he's a great kid -- both Cook and myself owe him our respect for that -- I don't owe his mom a thing . I love Jake Heaps -- I don't like his mom . So what? That will not mean a single thing in the grand scheme of things. I will ALWAYS be a fan of Jake's. That's what matters. If he goes to UW I will cover Jake, not Kelly. Like he's not going to go to UW because Ruth Robbins isn't a fan of his mom? I'm not going to put that in an article but on this board, it's a low-key informal discussion that is taking place and I'm just being perfectly honest in my opinions. If you don't like them, don't read them. bcooker
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roof bashing heaps mom - Author Comment Ruth R 5/31/09 1:46...

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