dick baird move to qwest

dick baird move to qwest - whoa hang on just one second Let...

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Unformatted text preview: whoa hang on just one second.... Let me get this right - the Washington Huskies and Washington State Cougars are being offered $5 million each for six years to move their rivalry game to Qwest Field? Thats an easy decision: Take the money and run. OK...? what happened to the 10 million 6 year deal or the supposed 2 million dollars each we were supposed to get... 5 million over six years is only 833,333 dollars... that completely destroys the entire money argument... what the hell happened... the big argument by supporters was that we currently made only 800,000 at UW home and 240,000 at Martin... these numbers are obviously wrong on so many levels but I wont really go into details but think about it if the UW football department raises around 30 million a year (as reported) how the hell did UW only make 800,000 dollars in the biggest game of the year?? anyways just as a reminder if you run the numbers bill put out basically both teams earn a total 4,255,000 dollars while playing at Husky Stadium and earn total 2,145,000... this means that in a two year period UW earns an average of about 3,200,000 ok... so not all of that is profit but last time i check 3,200,000 is DOUBLE what we will now be making at Qwest when we only earn 1.6 million every TWO years... so explain to me again how this is a good deal at all for UW???? This whole thing has to be driven by the Cougs, who obviously have the most to gain by swapping their once-per-year non-conference game with a guaranteed sellout....
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dick baird move to qwest - whoa hang on just one second Let...

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