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alldawgsgo2heaven wrote:  Next to get banned from DM.c. ... * Mooser42: 5/2 - Analysis: battling the flu so IMHO, he should be forgiven.  * purpleandgold89: 5/1 * Tailgater: 7/1 - Analysis: for having poor knowledge in regards to flu shots * udawgs2007 8/1 - Analysis: clubhouse cancer * udawgs: 10/1 - Analysis: for creeping out Softy * NBHusky 12/1  - Analysis: for having arguments that make too much sense for us halfbrains
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Unformatted text preview: * kyledawg4: 20/1- Analysis: respects the bizness but too much mockery of DM.c staff * Tequilla: 22/1- Analysis: for speaking too often in 3rd person * prospect17 25/1- Analysis: probably the least liked poster * sachiko: 40/1- Analysis: asks to get banned after being continually e-stalked by kyledawg4 and prospect17 * JoshUW: 50/1- Analysis: scandal breaks out when JoshUW and Fleenor have a source-off and it's discovered JoshUW's were fake * Field: 3/1...
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