AS 432 - With the first game of the year looming ever...

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With the first game of the year looming ever closer there appears to be excitement around the program. Now this excitement seems always seems to appear this time of the year but there is one thing different, our new young boy wonder coach seems like he actually wants to play the behemoth that is LSU. I applaud Sark for looking forward to this challenge with excitement instead of the typical Tyrone fear and contempt that we have experienced the past few years, but will he be able to back it up? Many people seem to have a renewed optimism about our new coach and team. There is nothing wrong with optimism or expecting to win, in fact it’s the very thing we need around our rebuilding program however expecting to win while making excuses is not only backwards but will ultimately lead to another Todd Turner/Willingham era. This article will examine how many games I expect our new coach to win next year along with why. There will be no excuses made for not reaching these expectations. Every off season the same nonsense is said about the team. They are getting stronger, faster, “this is the most athletic team in years”. “Jake has really improved his accuracy” and “the entire OL lived in the weight room over the off season”. I could list off these “facts” about how the guys are working harder than ever and how they expect to win, but that’s not why we should expect to win. The same things that were said for Tyrone have now been said for Sark and will be said for the next head coach and everyone should realize it. This article will throw all that nonsense to the side and examine why we should expect Sark to win, not because of a change in attitude, Woodward, or even because our football president Emmert, but because any decent coach should be expected win here. Now I could dance around about how many wins I expect next year or give random percentages on wins, but I’m not going to. I expect to win 5-6 games. Expect, not want, not guarantee, I expect for a coach that so many speak so highly of to win 5-6 games this coming season. End of story. No excuses. I understand that I have absolutely no say with Emmert or Woodward or anyone who would decide Sark’s fate should he be a failure but it’s time that the fan base unite, not behind some appointed shot in the dark coach, but behind the UW football team. Two to three win seasons should never be acceptable and have never been acceptable, I ask the fan base not to lower expectations because you have been beaten down by Todd, Emmert and Willingham but instead return and demand improvement and results. The biggest reason why I expect for our coach to win is our talent level. Talent on a 0-12 team
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AS 432 - With the first game of the year looming ever...

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