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Sam Lovely One page paper 1) Do you see the arguments of the Federalists and Antifederalists as mostly based on history and experience or on abstract principle and what kinds of history or principle seem most utilized? The arguments of the Federalists and Antifederalists are based around two very different arguments. The Federalists tended to aim their arguments mostly based around the abstract idea that the elder, wiser men, should be in charge of the government and a republic of the size of the United States is impossible. While the Antifederalists based their arguments around history and experience citing the many times throughout history where leaders of military or political factions grabbed power after they were supposed to relinquish their power back to the people or other leaders. Federalists, citizens for a large centralized government, had a strong belief that the masses were not capable of governing themselves but instead should rely on the well educated upper class, older and wiser men, to govern and choose what is best for the people. This thinking was
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