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Beginners Stuff - CV-1 dv= P 1 V 1...

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ompressor (gas) ke=0; ein=eout =0 (desirable) in +m(h1+ke1)=m(h2+ke2) hanger 3=m4; q surr =0; m1(h1)+m3(h3)=m2(h2)+ m4h4 Nozzles/Diffusers V2>>v1 pe=0 m( h+ ke) mp >P2; pe=0; ke=0; q=0 +m(h1+ke1)=m(h2+ke2) e W=0 PE=0 ut; mh1=mh2 gas /no temperature change ine h=0 W=0 PE=0 -wout+m(dh+dke) (2-1) 0 eout m power plant Beginners Stuff: -c v+ c p =R (ideal gases) C p income= const. Ideal gas law: System Types P=R(T/v) Closed: E cycle =0=W in +Q in R is different for each gas Isolated: R u =8.31447 kJ/kmol Open: Compressibilty factor: Z= Pv/RT Energy Balance: dU=dQ+dW ; c v dT d =dQ dU=dQ-PdV dU= c avg (T2-T1) dH=dU+VdP+PdV dH= dQ+ vdP; c p dT= dQ dH= du+RdT W boundary = P onner face dV= dA = Fds Compression=System is worked on Expansion= System does work W b= Pdv=
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Unformatted text preview: ∫ CV-1 dv= P 1 V 1 ln(V2/V1)<polytrophic>. Isothermal: RTln(P1/P2) Flow Stuff: Contol Volume: dm= rho*Vel*dA c V avg = ∫ v n dA c /A c m=rho*V=v/ v in steady state, incompressible flow dX/dt=0 (x is an property) Total energy e=u+ke+pe (simple compressible system) Flowing fluid: e= h+ke+pe System Types: Cycles: CHAPTER Calculating isentropic work: W s = m c p (T 2s-T 1 ) +( v 2 2-v 1 2 )/2 (dh+ke) Find T 2s from isentropic equation/ Find T 2 from ideal gas law/charts Chart method: Find where s is the same for compressor or turbine Change both pressure and temp Power plant Heat or temperature Pump increases pressure of a liquid...
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Beginners Stuff - CV-1 dv= P 1 V 1...

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