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I understand the thinking about 3

I understand the thinking about 3 - things so it seems like...

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I understand the thinking about 3-4 wins but something interesting has happened that I noticed... I’m pretty sure that there isn’t a person out there who thinks that Ty is better then shark, now with that being said if Ty  was coaching next year and Jake was healthy UW would beat WSU and Idaho... (even if you want to argue about  WSU we all know we would beat Idaho anyways...) ok so that puts Ty at 2 wins next year If you’re a so called nega dawg and think sark is not the answer but as I said before most everyone thinks he better  then Ty then you have to expect more than 2 wins so let’s say that the nega dawg people who really hate sark expect  3 wins and people who just don’t think he’s the answer at 4 wins... If your still on the fence about things (I am) then you are prob a little bit more positive then the nega dawgs about 
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Unformatted text preview: things so it seems like you should be looking forward to 5-6 wins. .. If you’re a posi dawg who thinks sark is the answer and will bring us back then you can’t expect less wins then the people on the fence or the nega dawgs who don’t think sark is the answer so you have to expect 7+ wins. .. It an interesting case that I’ve seen though. .. it seems like the people who think sark is a great hire tend to have lower expectations on next year’s record. To me this doesn’t really make sense, I mean if he’s the savior and will bring us back wouldn’t Sark lovers expect more wins. .. If Sark is so great why do you only expect 3-4 wins. .. Ty would have gotten two next year (I think) so you’re saying that Sark is only two games better then Ty?? I don’t know I just don’t really understand the logic behind...
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