Name of Formation - Ma • Colombia River Basalt(olivine 10...

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Name of Formation Age Lithology/Sediments Thickness Sediment Source Direction of flow Other observations Thorp 4.4 Ma Top = large ashy beds Rhyolite, green schist, basalt Massive conglomerate Subduction zone melting formed mountains to the north Uplifted Pliocene (Stewart batholith) River flow southward bringing sediments from north Southward flow 7.6 million year hiatus between Thorp and Ellie Ellie 12 Ma White Lehar layer (multiple layers, at least 5) Interbedded layers 10-20 m Cascade Sediment deposited by river Eastward flow No faulting No Cobbles White vs brown lehar Big Rodger 14-12 Ma Pillow Basalts Grande Ronde Flow 2 distinct layers likely 2 different flows Diatomite 15-18 m Grande Ronde Westward flow 2 different flows allows for the observation of the depth of an old lake Nellie 15.5-14 Identical bedded sandstone to Kellie 10-14 m Sediment from Cascades deposited by river Eastward flow Drive-by therefore limited observations recorded Ronnie 15.5-17
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Unformatted text preview: Ma • Colombia River Basalt (olivine) 10 m • Grande Ronde Westward flow Bristol Quarry Kellie • Top layer is large conglomerate formed by very high energy river • Middle layer = Large course sandstone (hot 9 m • Sediment Source = Cascade(s) • River environment Eastward flow Faulting Landslides Normal Faults (2 meters of uplift) Lehar) • Bottom layer = Bedded fine grain sandstone with Rhyolite • Bed layers differentiated by chances in grain size Blueschist = low grade morphology Roslyn formation ~55 Ma • Course- medium grain sandstone (quartz, biotite, plagioclase) • Mudstone • Organic laminated layers 12 m • Idaho Batholith (granite) • High energy river deposits sandstone • Mudstone deposited during “over bank” Southward flow Cross bedding Fossil leaves Turtle skull Unconformity between Roslyn and Kellie *Row height/thickness does not indicate relative thicknesses of bed layers or formations...
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Name of Formation - Ma • Colombia River Basalt(olivine 10...

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