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Sam Lovely Section A Question 2 2. Would the Tories (aka loyalists), do you suppose, have supported or opposed the ratification of the Federal Constitution of 1787, and why? The Federal Constitution of 1787 which empowered the centralized government and united the American Colonies under one power was an extremely controversial document and raised tensions and questions of the government’s intentions towards the colonists . This dramatic increase in power for the federal government was based around an idea that a republic could operate successfully with a large mass of people and that an elder is not required, nor should, lead a group of people but representatives of the states elected by the people for a predetermined term length was the best form of government . The Tories, or Loyalists, were for the most part gone from nearly all of the American Colonies at this time however it is likely that most of the Loyalists would have supported this move to maintain a larger stronger centralized government however there were many Loyalists that had other motives then just the structure of the government in their mind and would likely be against the constitution of 1787 . One of the many concerns that Loyalists originally maintained was that of duty to the mother country to remain loyal to England . This idea was brought on mostly by those who were
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older and had grown up under British rule for much of their life . These group of people also likely maintained connections with the British and perhaps most notably the Church of England . Because of their motivation for maintaining loyalties towards the British Crown these Loyalists
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history final paper1 - Sam Lovely Section A Question 2 2...

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