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Sam Lovely Section B Question 3 3. Historians continue to debate whether the American Revolution can best be described as radical or conservative in its impact on American society at the time. Supposing that you were called upon to draft an after-dinner speech on this question, which position (or mixture of positions) would you now wish to adopt and how would you phrase your argument? There has been much debate about the cause or reason of the American Revolutionary War focusing on why the colonists of America revolted against British rule in a rather sudden uprising. The main argument surrounding this issue is that of a conservative revolution or radical revolution. While each type of revolution is drastically different, the American Revolution contained elements of both a conservative and radical revolution that changed and evolved over the course of history (1775- 1790). In 1775, when the American Revolution was in its infancy, the revolution began as a somewhat conservative movement in localized urban areas. During this time the revolution was driven by those resisting change that the British desired to impose. These resistors varied but some of the most vocal opponents to the British rule were those in the upper to upper middle class of the American Colonists. For a long period of time the aristocratic and middle class were the leaders of the American Colonies. Separated by a vast Ocean these aristocrats enjoyed the advantages over the lower class colonists but always held some contempt that they were not equals with those of the same socio-economic status in England. This group of people were further angered after the Seven Years war when several taxes where imposed by the British
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history final paper2 - Sam Lovely Section B Question 3 3....

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