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lab time table[1] - -Calamite-amphibians-ferns(seed...

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Time Period In the ocean amalgamation Important observations in Ocean amalgamations In the continental amalgamation Cambrian (540-490 Ma) Inarticulate brachiopods Blind trilobites (.01-8 cm) Echinoderm (helicoplacus, related to current day sea stars) Sponge like things First shell builders *BRACHIOPODS* Filter feeders *inarticulate (flat) brachiopods *first shell builders *nearly all sessile filter feeders Lower Paleozoic (490-360 Ma) Coral Sponges Bivalves Lobe fin fish Large biodiversity *lobe fin fish *relatively large biodiversity Upper Paleozoic (360-250 Ma) Crinoids Gastropods Brachiopods Large deposits of limestone *massive reef builders *crinoids Ca skeletons formed reef/limestone -Glossopteris
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Unformatted text preview: -Calamite-amphibians-ferns (seed fern)-Lepidodendron *no trees Mesozoic (250-70) Gastropods Nautiloids Clam-like shells Ammonites Sea urchins Bivalves replaced corals as main reef builders Increase in marine invertebrates Epi-contenintal sea changes? *increased mobility *predators *bivalves, brachiopods go largely extinct *increase in marine invertebrates -dinosaurs (teeth, claws, etc)-pine needles -ferns-gymnosperm-explosion of animals (dinos!!)-predators Cenozoic (65-.011 Ma) Crabs Gastropods (reef building) *increase in complexity -Fossilized Wood-Mammoth tooth-many leaves *mammals!!! * mammoth = cold weather **Table completed with Kaelen**...
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  • Spring '09
  • conway
  • Ordovician, Crinoids Gastropods Brachiopods, brachiopods *first shell, Inarticulate brachiopods Blind, Ocean amalgamations

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