leadershipassessment - How to assess Leadership

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Courtesy of Leadership-Tools.com Leadership-tools.com - Leadership Assessment Tool This free leadership assessment tool identifies 25 key skills which define your leadership prowess. Our assessment identifies areas of strength and also those key areas needing further attention and improvement. The leadership assessment tool is only as good as the quality and honesty of your answers. Be open and get honest with yourself so you can quickly identify the skills you should celebrate, as well as those that you need to work on. Key categories include: Stability Boundary Setting Productivity Work Quality Accountability Team Building Communication Leadership ! The Process Is Easy As: 1, 2, 3! STEP # 1 - Complete the Leadership Assessment Note: If some questions don't quite "fit" your circumstance - feel free to make minor changes to the questions so long as the "spirit" of the questions remain in tact. Do not skip questions or the scoring of the assessment won't reflect a clear outcome.
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leadershipassessment - How to assess Leadership

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