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E XTRA -C REDIT L ISTENING R ESPONSE Directions Write a 500-word response to a recording of the first movement of W. A. Mozart's String Quartet no. 19 in C Major (K. 465). Like the other listening responses, this one should have a personal dimension, demonstrating original descriptive and interpretive ideas. Your response must also take account, at least briefly, of the movement's form, along with its significance as an example of chamber music. Recordings of this work may be signed out from the Ormandy Media Center in Van Pelt or streamed from the Naxos Music Library online. See the final page of the syllabus for more information on these two resources. It is up to you to locate a recording of the piece. The due date for this optional assignment is 11:59PM on Friday, November 13. Please
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Unformatted text preview: submit via the drop box on Blackboard. Evaluation These responses will be graded according to the same scheme as the other listening assignments (see below), although they will be weighted differently. If your response earns 16 points or more out of 20, your overall mark for the course will be increased by 1% (the equivalent of 5 points on a unit test). If your response earns 15 points or less out of 20, you will not receive any extra credit. Grading Scheme (20 Points Total) 5 points – Grammar and Writing Style 5 points – Originality: communication of a unique personal reaction to the piece 10 points – Content: accuracy of description, terminology, and historical detail; depth of engagement with the music; balance between objective and subjective commentary...
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