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page 1 of 5 PHYS 122: Homework #01 January 12, 2009 Homework #01 is due in Box outside of Rock 207: 5:00 PM Sharp, Wednesday, January 21, 2009 Announcements: Be sure you read all course Handouts for today (Documents #01, #02, #03, #04, and #05, plus the Lab Handout). Note: All homework assignments and other Handout documents will be posted online only . No hard copy will be provided in lecture. You must get the documents from the course web page: http://www.phys.case.edu/courses/p122 Important! Lab Odd week experiments start this week . Be very sure that you know exactly where and when your lab meets. See Dr. Diana Driscoll, Lab Director, immediately if you are not satisfactorily registered for the lab. Students who are not properly registered for the lab are not registered for the course as a whole. If you need a permit or override, see Dr. Driscoll, not Mr. Covault. Be sure to purchase your textbook, your Interwrite “Cricket” clicker, and your lab manual and a proper laboratory notebook as soon as possible. Register your clicker by email before Friday to participate in Clicker Questions in lecture. See “Clicker Registration” link on the main web page. Mr. Covault’s Office Hours will be Thursday, Friday, and Monday, Rock 207, times To Be Determined. Check the web page, First Hour Exam (worth five percent of your grade) will be given Friday, February 6, 9:30 AM in lecture. Put all exam dates in your calendar today. Homework Assignment continues next page.
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This note was uploaded on 11/06/2009 for the course PHYS 122 taught by Professor Covault during the Spring '08 term at Case Western.

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HW1 - Physics 122 Spring 2009 Document#03 Homework#01 page...

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