HW11 - Physics 122 Spring 2008 Document #22: Eleventh...

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page 1 of 6 PHYS 122: Eleventh Homework Assignment April 12, 2009 This homework due in Box outside of Rock 207: 5:00 PM Sharp, Monday, April 20, 2009 Announcements: This is the penultimate homework. The final homework (#12) (short!) will be due Monday, April 27th. The Final Exam is Monday, May 4, 4 PM to 7 PM. You cannot earn a passing grade in Physics 122 unless you sit for the final exam. Only the dean of students can excuse you or reschedule you for this exam for any reason whatsoever. Schedule for Remainder of Semester: – Wed Apr 15: Lecture: Mirrors, Refraction, Images, Ray Tracing – Fri Apr 17: Lecture: Huygens’s Principle: diffraction – Mon Apr 20: Optional Lecture/Recitation: Optics Problem Solving – Wed Apr 22: TBD. Stay tuned. – Fri Apr 24: Lecture: Physical Interference patterns, gratings, etc. – Mon Apr 27: Final Lecture: Relativity and the nucleus: (includes live demon- stration of a run-away chain reaction!) – Tue Apr 28: Absolute last date to complete and submit make-up labs. – Sat May 02: Physics Review-Palooza:, Thwing Ballroom (1-5 PM) – Mon May 04: Final Exam 4 to 7 PM, Strosacker Office Hours: Mr. Covault will be able to meet with students most days this week and also most days during the week before the final exam. Mr. Covault will be unavailable from April 20 through 24th. Homework Assignment continues next page.
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HW11 - Physics 122 Spring 2008 Document #22: Eleventh...

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