Chapter Tests 5-6-7 Study Guide

Chapter Tests 5-6-7 Study Guide - Chapter 5-6-7 Study Guide...

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1 1 QUESTION The operating system is _______________ software. ANSWER productivity application utility system ================== 2 QUESTION The ____________ coordinates the flow of data and information through the computer system by coordinating the hardware, software, user interface, processor, and systems memory. ANSWER motherboard operating system application software RAM ==================== 3 QUESTION Which of the following is a single-user, multitask operating system? ANSWER Mac OS MS-DOS Symbian OS Palm OS ==================== 4 QUESTION Because the operating system coordinates the flow of information, your textbook describes the OS as a ANSWER janitor. traffic cop. maid. secretary. ==================== 5 QUESTION When an operating system receives an interrupt from the printer and pauses the CPU, it is performing which of the following functions? ANSWER software application coordination user management memory management processor management ==================== 6 QUESTION When your computer is in safe mode, you can use the __________ to view and change the properties of all devices attached to the computer. ANSWER Configuration utility Restore utility Device Manager POST utility ==================== 7 QUESTION The basic input/output system is stored on a ___________________ chip. ANSWER CPU CMOS RAM ROM ==================== 8 QUESTION During the virtual memory process, the operating system moves data to a temporary storage area on the hard drive called the ________________ file. ANSWER virtual memory RAM swap ==================== 9 QUESTION The ____________ is the essential component of the operating system that remains in RAM when your computer is powered on. ANSWER core kernel system file registry ==================== 10 QUESTION All of the following are terms related to part of the boot process EXCEPT ANSWER RAM. BIOS. ROM. USB. ==================== 11 QUESTION Arranging separate windows so they sit next to each other on the screen is called ANSWER cascading. tiling. flipping. scrolling. ==================== 12 QUESTION The OS allows you to organize your files in a __________ structure. ANSWER
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Chapter Tests 5-6-7 Study Guide - Chapter 5-6-7 Study Guide...

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