Would drug legalization help or harm inner city America

Would drug legalization help or harm inner city America -...

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- Milwaukee is the most segregated place in the nation o Orange county is the least - Dimensions of segregation within a county or metropolitan area o Evenness, exposure, concentration, centralization, clustering - What are the consequences of segregation? o Controversies abound, as there is disagreement over whether segregation is a cause or consequence of: Poverty, out-of-wedlock births, racial stratification of wealth, racial tolerance, discrimination, etc. - Would drug legalization help or harm inner-city America? - Who is in prison o White men 18 and older: 1 in 106 o Black men ages 20-34: 1 in 9
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Unformatted text preview: -The Moskos diagnosis o If the war in drugs is winnable, it would have already been won o Drug violence is business violence Forcing it underground creates a violent culture-Have we chosen the wrong battles in the war? o Would we have drug violence as business violence is we did not have such high levels of residential segregation-What are the unintended consequences? o Assuming we can draw a hard/soft distinction among drugs, what is the evidence for “ladder” effects? How many more addicts would we have, and what would the consequences be? o...
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