Do lawsuits reduce employment discrimination

Do lawsuits reduce employment discrimination - Education...

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Do lawsuits reduce employment discrimination? - Some recent evidence that discrimination may be common o A focus on racial inequality Employment audit studies - What is discrimination? o It is illegal to discriminate in any aspect of employment o Discriminatory practices include: Harassment on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability, or age - Many convincing field experiments now exist o Send nearly identical testers to the same employer Vary the race of the respondent See how many get called back 23 whites, 19 Latinos, 13 blacks receive call-backs or job offers Add felony conviction to white applicant: 13 white felons, 14 Latinos, 10 blacks receive call-backs or job offers - Basic facts on g ender inequality in today’s labor m arket o Possible explanations for wag e gap Job segregation Supply side o Human capital o Gendered aspirations De m and side Within-firm pay discrimination - Papers by Claudia Goldin o The Quiet Revolution that Transformed Women’s Employm ent,
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Unformatted text preview: Education, and Family o The Homecoming of American College Women: the Reversal of the College Gender Gap-Statistical discrimination o Employers attempt to get the most productive workforce at the lowest cost o A major source of cost is on-the-job training o If firms expect female workers to leave the firm sooner than male workers, then Employers can lower costs by hiring men instead of women But, this bids up the price of men relative to women and a gender gap in wages emerges-The within-job gender wage gap o A 1995 study by Trond Peterson and Laurie Morgan Separate and unequal study-The devaluation/crowding conjecture o Devaluing of female-dominated jobs by employers Devaluation affects both men and women who do “women’s work” What are some possible explanations for it? o Economic results of crowding-Does society in general devalue women’s work?...
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Do lawsuits reduce employment discrimination - Education...

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