03-04-09 - -Emissions from fossil fuel burnings have...

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What would be a fair division of labor between people and countries that are rich per capita and poor per capita in dealing with climate change? - Supporting strenuous measures of stopping climate change o Changes are happening on too big of a scale, and too quickly - Underlying moral principles that people who release greenhouse gasses have done something wrong? o People can’t pursue any life goals without releasing greenhouse gasses - Has to be a disincentive to release greenhouse gasses - Philosophers who think all questions of right and wrong can be resolved by absolute general principle - Utilitarianism - Demanding relationships arise out of interactions with others
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Unformatted text preview: -Emissions from fossil fuel burnings have overwhelmed absorption capabilities of the land and oceans o Blanket has gotten thicker, causing warming to occur faster o About half of what goes up during a year stays up-Don’t have a “wait and see” option when it comes to global warming o Handout of effects of different degrees of warming-2 degrees is good as an insurance policy-3 kinds of inequalities o Inequality of impact and vulnerability of future impact Developing countries are hit harder and will be hit harder • Matter of geography (tropics, glaciers) • Socioeconomic reasons (more are in rural communities)-...
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