Changes in Family Structure - single parent households...

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CANCIAN AND REED: CHANGES IN FAMILY STRUCTURE - Changes in family composition o Divorce and cohabitation more common Cohabitation leads to delay in marriage - Childbearing o Single women more likely to be poor than married people o Decline in fertility Varies much by race - Family living arrangements o Rise in single parent homes, including single father o More adults in household means more financial resources - Employment o More women in labor market o Substantial differences among races - Implications of poverty and policy o Families headed by single women had highest rates of poverty o Growth in poverty rates caused by shift away from married couples to
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Unformatted text preview: single parent households Single mother households 5 times more likely to live in poverty BEN-PORATH: INDIVIDUALS, FAMILIES, AND INCOME DISTRIBUTION-Joint generation of income o Cooperation of family members is advantageous o Female headed households, and old or young households are more likely to be poor-Pooling and sharing o Pool all money together or keep finances separate? -Redistribution-Links between generations-Policy relevance-Demographic phenomena that occur at family level affect distribution of income...
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Changes in Family Structure - single parent households...

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