09 - Environmental geography(from most far-reaching to...

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Environmental geography (from most far-reaching to narrow) - Global commons o Those things that have always been beyond the control of a single state Atmosphere and climate system o Does this make a difference in the structure of the international system? Does the structure limit our ability to respond? - Demographic expansion and resource consumption o Expanding world population, and how we will feed the new population o Biodiversity and species extinction - Transboundary pollution o Acid rain, nuclear accident Ex: acid rain in Canada from US pollution o Relatively local problems, but still in more than one state - Story line of environmental change runs through human history - Large shift during transition from agrarian culture to industrial revolution - Massive depopulation of the Americas after the first 100 years of the first contact of European explorers and indigenous population o Nearly 95% of the population is wiped out due to disease Three main areas of change in the global commons - Global Warming o Gasses in the atmosphere increasing the level of insulation o Tripling of the amount of emissions in a 50 year period o Rising sea levels put marginal regions in danger - Ozone depletion related to CFC usage - Acceleration of demographic change and the impact on biodiversity
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09 - Environmental geography(from most far-reaching to...

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