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Brian Rhorer 85843237 Question 4 What exactly is it to act freely, and have freedom of will? The standard assumption is that freedom of will is nothing more than the freedom necessary for one to be appropriately held morally responsible for one's actions. However, given the standard assumption, we must decide what psychological and circumstantial facts must be in place if one is to be the kind of being that can be held morally responsible for one’s behavior and this is where the theory of determinism comes in. Determinism is the theory that all of our actions are causally determined by factors outside of our control and more specifically, every action can be causally traced back to the initial conditions of the earth. For example, if a parallel planet was created with the exact same physical laws and conditions as our world, it would be determined that the new world would follow the exact same historical paths that our world has taken and I would have no other option but to be writing this essay at this exact same time in that world too. For some philosophers, determinism overrides the possibility that humans have freedom of will. These people are called incompatibilists. Incompatibilists have a very strong argument most commonly called the, “Could have done otherwise” argument. This argument has three very important premises that must be understood to come to a precise conclusion. The first premise states that if determinism is true, then one could have acted otherwise only if one could have changed either the initial conditions of one's world or its laws. In other words, one would only have the ability to do what one in fact did, unless one could literally go back in time and change the initial conditions of the world when it was first created or suspend certain natural laws such as gravity. The second premise builds on top of the first, confirming that no one has the power to
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philoessay - Brian Rhorer 85843237 Question 4 What exactly...

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