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Week One Global Politics: Chapter 1 - Must think globally, not internationally so that we are not limited to national governments - Transition from a feudal system to a state system o Treaty of Westphalia ending the 30 years war marks emergence of modern state system - State sovereignty o At the heart of the state system, used to justify monarch behavior o Made it possible to distinguish between state and non-state politics o Emphasis on national interest as driving force behind politics - Changing nature of global politics o 19 th century saw erosion of classical balance of European powers
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Unformatted text preview: -Increasing threats to national security-Dilemmas of collective action o If each actor pursues selfish best interests, result is worse for everyone Ex: climate change, deforestation-Conflict, cooperation, and the new security agenda o Territory less important, now technology and global trade Trade and investment are collectively beneficial -Integration and fragmentation o Trend toward greater transnational integration o Intergovernmental institutions...
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