Week 4 - September 21st and 23rd

Week 4 - September 21st and 23rd - Solving Shared Problems...

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Solving Shared Problems: Intergovernmental Organizations - Postmodern war, terrorism, fears of mass destruction, and failed states provide a bleak picture of the future o Also exists creation of new patterns of cooperation and political institutions o Old zero-sum issues are being replaces with variable-sum issues o Intergovernmental organizations: organizations consisting of the representatives of member states Almost 300 today including organization of African Unity, Organization of American States - Perspectives on governance in the twenty-fist century o Most important global organization if the United Nations Both political and economic organizations, as well as social and cultural tasks o Congress of Vienna was first modern precursor to IGOs League of Nations came next o The UN system Central purpose is to develop friendly relations among nations, address economic, social, cultural, and humanitarian problems, and to promote universal respect for human rights Structured on six principal organs General assembly Security council International court of justice Economic and social council Secretariat Trusteeship council Based on several complementary principles Sovereign equality of all members Member nations agree to carry out international obligations Peaceful settlement of disputes Agree to not threaten or use force in disputes o The Security Council Primary responsibility for maintaining of international peace and security Five permanent members US, UK, USSR, France, and China Ten non-permanent members can be elected by the general assembly o The General assembly Authority to make recommendations regarding international security issues Control of the UN budget
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o Peacekeeping UN conducted 19 peacekeeping missions between 1947 and 1989 o Realism and the nature of international organizations No hierarchy of authority exists in international relations Characterized by anarchy International organizations play two roles
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Week 4 - September 21st and 23rd - Solving Shared Problems...

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