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Tragedy of the commons Commoditizing sovereignty - Regime signaling New wars - Irregular forces: child soldiers - Ethnicity and culture o Not the cause of new wars by itself, combined with economic problems - Light weapons: easy to carry around Political causes of failed states and new wars - Empires / colonies and their legacies - Shadow of the global economy, which creates incentives for para-state actors to become involved in violence o Ex: blood diamonds, other portable, valuable goods that can be sold easily Kaplan - Ethnicity is driving a lot of the violence - America will too collapse to ethnic violence
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Unformatted text preview: Jeremy Weinstein -Waging war is inexpensive on the grassroots level o Must raise the cost of war-Not ideologically motivated, now economically motivated o Ex: War lords, drug runners Mendelssohn Terrorism-Cellular nature of terrorist organizations-Difficult to say what particular aims of the organization as a whole are o Things we don’t know are more scary than things we do Epochal: system is radically changing; non-state actors are becoming more important-Freidman-Oheme New normative:...
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