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09 - -State using security issues as an excuse for creating...

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Kaldor - Cosmopolitan governance - Islands of civility - Tuzla, Bosnia o Still being productive, while the rest of the country was engaged in conflict, Bosnians, Muslims, and Croats were living together in peace Communal harmony - Proactive violence o Incentive to fight if UN will intervene and separate ethnicities - Good ideas, but possibly taken too far in an attempt to universalize Human security and new security - Three criteria o Transnational source o Transnational effect o Unconventional use of military force - Naim o Drugs, arms, people, IPR, laundering - Environment, disease, gender issues, everyday violence Securitization
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Unformatted text preview: -State using security issues as an excuse for creating a surveillance society-Once something is framed as a security issue, it becomes hard to stop o Questions of preventing risk and violence o Risk of totalitarian existence Distinguish between new security agenda and human security agenda Gender and “women’s issues” in International relations-Does surplus men lead to a more war-like society and violence against women o More complex than that-Munckler: rape and war o Rape used as a military strategy o Reinforces power of men over women, enhancement of prestige for males...
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