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09 - 1 Liberal peace theory democracies will not fight...

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I. Anarchy/hierarchy a. Absence of overarching authority II. Unit – system – structure a. State b. Ways in which states can be organized i. Mutipolar, bipolar, unipolar c. Hierarchy anarchy distinction i. States are self interested, focus on survival III. Varieties of IR theory a. Realism i. Most interactions occur as a way to gain more power ii. Iraq war: control of strategic resources (oil) b. Liberalism i. States can form institutions which promote universal good ii. Iraq war: spreading democracy
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Unformatted text preview: 1. Liberal peace theory, democracies will not fight against each other c. Constructivism i. Not as clear cut, states interact as people would ii. Global governance reading 1. Suggests new structures are developing iii. Iraq war: create the world in your own image, change norms IV.Transformation a. Measuring transformational power of forces b. Twitter in Iran and facebook in China c. Tijuana and San Diego...
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