09 - Regime types and protests-Democracy o Non-Violent...

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Office Hours: 12:45-2:45 in White Hall B12 Epistemic communities - Groups of experts, ex: scientists - Think tanks, ex: Brookings - People come to them to find out what the best way to intervene is Sovereignty costs - Hard international law (obligatory, precision, delegation determines hard or soft law) o Sovereignty costs are high - Soft international law o Sovereignty costs are low Reputation effects - Why does soft law matter? o Effective because it imposes reputation effects Naming and shaming: call out people who don’t abide in order to try to get them to comply o Reciprocity Setting hopes of a precedent of how actors are going to treat each other, hoping it will come back to you Non-violent protest and its effectiveness - Differentiation between the pragmatic and the principled - Makes a statement about what type of regime or actor you are fighting o Non-violence is effective if state can be embarrassed
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Unformatted text preview: Regime types and protests-Democracy o Non-Violent Principled • Self-purification: preparing oneself to not fight back Pragmatic • Can flip to violence very quickly o Violent Line between violence and non-violence is often quite blurry-Non-Democracy o Non-Violent Principled Pragmatic • When not principled, not a lot of incentive to not fight back o Violent Could backfire, ex: Iranian election protests Role of direct action-To get negotiations on the table Four ways to achieve change-Conversion of oppressor views o Main view of King, change hearts and minds of people on the ground-Accommodation o Greenpeace G20 protests, demonstrative-Non-Violent Coercion-Disintegration o Revolution, oppressor falls apart o Guerilla groups Effective means depending on how willing adversary is to change-...
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09 - Regime types and protests-Democracy o Non-Violent...

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