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Homework #24, Page 1 of 6 Homework #24, English 102 Name: _____________________ Class time: __________________ Purpose of today’s homework: To help you identify, understand, and apply key quotations from a difficult text For each quotation below, identify and define any words or allusions you do not know, then paraphrase the quotation. Next, apply the quotation to an example from your experience or imagination or from history, art, or literature. In other words, see if you can apply what Said is saying about Palestine to another situation. Finally, for five of the quotations below, find a quotation from one of the other author’s we’ve read this semester that speaks to (agrees with, disagrees with, further illuminates, provides another example of) Said’s point. Be sure to include page numbers. “Inevitably, photographs of Palestinians today include this fact and make it visible.” Words/allusions you don’t know Paraphrase: Example: Quotation from another author:
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Homework #24, Page 2 of 6 “Exile is a series of portraits without names, without contexts.”
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