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Homework _27

Homework _27 - use the word “interesting.” D Create a...

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Homework #27, Page 1 of 1 Homework #27, English 102 Name: _____________________ Class time: _________________ Incomplete: 0 points Complete and acceptable: 3 points Complete and outstanding: 5 points A. At the start of today’s library session, review the expectations of your group. Is everyone in agreement about the expectations? If not, immediately see Rebecca. B. Review the assignment sheet as a group. What questions do you have about the assignment? C. Write a short paragraph (50 words or fewer) on this topic and why you chose it. Do not
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Unformatted text preview: use the word “interesting.” D. Create a group plan for organizing your work time. Give everyone a task to complete by your next meeting. List each member’s name and his or her task in the space below. E. When and where will your group meet next? What are the consequences if someone fails to show up or shows up without his or her work completed?...
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